Lunes, 22 de Abril

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    Today is a very special day, ha! what! That is my birthday PARTY, so happy! And this day is exactly the Lantern Festival! Happy!he Lantern Festival, Mom and Dad decided to take me to the restaurant for lunch.ked Mom and Dad, today, I am going to be a "parent", let me arrange what to eat for lunch. Both Dad and Mom agreed. I am a "parent". Since I am a "parent", I have to be like a parent when I do things. Otherwise, Ithought about it and decided to take out my three hundred and fifty yuan lucky money. You don��t want to say that my lucky money is less. My lucky money is much more. However, my mother has been fooling me and said: "Children take so much. The money is very bad." Mom always tries to slap my lucky money, so it will be so , I turned off the gas, took the keys, and led the "children" to set off. When I got to the intersection, I just met a red light. I saw fewer people on the road, and I thought about it, but I was in a hurry. But just stepping forward, I immediately thought of my identity. So, I hurriedly took my leg back. Because you have to pay!inally, when I arrived at the restaurant, as soon as I entered the door []Carton Of Marlboro Reds[/url], the smell of a dish of wine came a short while, the table was full of delicious food. Let's start, we started to eat, and after an hour, the original dish was full, and now there is no soup left, one by one. After eating, I told the waiter to pay the bill. The waiter brought in a total of two hundred and fifty yuan. After I looked at the bill, I was unwillingd Dad said, "This is a ��parent��!�� Dad and Mom said with a smile: ��Let ��you�� cost.��
    Although I have spent money, this time I have enough of the role of "parent"! Ha ha!re are countless interesting things in childhood []Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], like the number of stars in the sky; the fish like the bottom of the sea can��t be caught; the shells on the sea can��t be finished... But what I have not forgotteyears is that success. morning, I sprinkled Jiao, let my father buy me a brand new bicycle, I can't put it down, and the excitement can't be calm for a long time. But the troubles and involuntarily came out: damn, not riding, what should I do? I remember that like the ants on the hot pot, Dad immediately saw through my mind and comforted me with a sigh of relief: "Bin Jie, don't be upset, only work hard to be successful, because there are people the afternoon, I asked my father to push my new bike to the playground. said humorously: "Come on, I am a 'coach', I teach you to ride a bicycle." First, sit on the bicycle, focus on the steady, hold the hands, keep the center of gravity, can not shake left and right []Cigarettes Online[/url], or you will fall .d smiled at me and said that it started, and I couldn��t wait any longer. When I got on the bus, I started the wind-like speed. It was two laps around the playground, and I was tired of my father behind me, watching him panting. Look, I seem to have found the feeling, so that Dad let go of his hand, but Dad just let go, I fell to the ground with a bang, once and for all, it was a failure again and again, Dad. Then help me up again and again. Dad slowly supported me, sitting under the tree with me and resting and saying how to ride a good car. I remember my father encouraged me: "Only I can't succeed if I don't work hard." So, I took my father's hope for me and once again rode a bicycle in the wind. I put my body forward and used it with both hands and feet. Sure enough, It was much better, but it didn't last long. When I turned, I suddenly smashed a "Cheng Jin". I came to a sharp turn and fell heavily on the ground. At this moment, my ears frequently The song "How can I see the rainbow without going through tain rode into the car, the bird followed me, the sun shines on me, the little tree guards me []Newport Cigarettes Website[/url], the confidence that I want to learn advances me []Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], and finally, with my unremitting efforts, I finally succeeded, it was sweat that made me successful. Yes, my father��s encouragement is that I succeeded. It��s my unremitting spirit thme on, I will persist in whatever I do, because I understand that "there is a will to succeed."