Domingo, 26 de Mayo

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    Tonight, when I saw my mother��s day, when she was dark, she gave her a call. My mother said, ��I have something to deal with, I can go home later. If you are hungry, cook for yourself.��oking myself makes me feel like a "little princess" who has never been to the kitchen. It is both a bit of a joy and a bit nervous. After all, it is the first time to cook turned out the "protagonist" of today's dinner in the cupboard - two eggs, one tomato, (prepared to be a tomato scrambled egg). Some millet, (used to lick millet porridge)t's cook first. I washed the tomatoes and cut them into cubes for use in the bowl. Next, take a bowl and sprinkle with salt in it. Take out the eggs and gently tap on the mouth of the bowl. The eggshell cracked a slit. I smashed the eggshell with a hand, poured the egg into the bowl and mixed with the salt. The whole process of my work was very familiar. Let me add a bit of confidence. Start cooking, pour some oil in the pot, stir fry. Pour the egg mixture evenly while stirring, just pour it into the pot, and the eggs are drummed and slowly blasted. I hurry and slap a few times. After the eggs are basically fried, pour the chopped tomatoes, stir fry a few times, add a little salt, and saut�� the tomato scrambled eggs! Looking at this dish, I feel very fulfilled in my heart. Warm yellow eggs with bright red tomatoes are so beautiful!rt the soup, wash the millet first. Put it in the pot and pour it. Then there was waiting. Ten minutes passed, and the sound of "beep" sounded in the pot. I opened the lid, oh, the soup was gone. I think: Hey, forget it. I stirred it again and put two bowls and vegetables together.gdang", a clear knock on the door, I went to open the door, is the mother! I quickly pulled her to the table and let her taste the food I made. She put a piece of egg in her mouth []Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], and I asked her how nervous she was. She nodded and said []Marlboro Cigarettes Price[/url], "Well, it��s good, the eggs are sloppy, the salty is just right." I showed a comfortable smile. She drank another soup and said: "The soup is a bit confusing, but don't have a flavor! It's awesome!" I heard my mother's praise []Marlboro Gold[/url], and I was happy.I had a special meal with my mother for this meal, because this is the result of my own work. Looking forward to the stars and looking forward to the moon, I finally hoped for the first! Today, it is the day when the family assessment form ends. This morning, when I went to bed together, I couldn��t wait to run to the kitchen and began to pick up my fingers and calculate the score. I: 102 points, mother: ninety-nine points, Dad. : ninety-seven points. Wow! I... actually got the first place with my efforts! I hurriedly slid my slippers, slammed into the house of my father and mother, knocking on the door, and wanted to take it to my mother. Bonus - one hundred yuan.was holding a red one hundred yuan in my hand, and my heart was so excited that I was very excited. But there is a strange problem in my mind when I see money. How to spend it?es! Go buy toys first!" I had a whimsy, so I quickly finished washing, dressed, slammed into the car, and hurriedly rushed to the gift shop.ever, in a few minutes, I went there and just stepped into the store door. All kinds of gifts were presented to me at once. It was full of dazzling and numerous: there were exquisite and beautiful crystal balls; there were cute and handsome dolls and dolls []Marlboro Gold Pack[/url]. There are different types of piggy banks of different sizes and colors; there are also strange and unpredictable toys... I am dazzled and overwhelmed. I had to slowly explore and search in the ocean of gifts. "Wow! This Pikachu doll is so cute! It's a little expensive, it's thirty yuan... Hey! Right! I have money now!" I turned and rubbed the Pikachu figurine []Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], and there was always a kind of tyrant in my heart. For your own ideas. "Little boy, do you want to buy it? This is a limited edition of our Pok��mon, and it is also discounted, as long as thirty yuan." "Oh." I looked at the cute and gorgeous appearance of the doll, and re are more than 60 yuan left. Look at the expensive dolls that I just bought. I still don't know if it should be... Right! What should I do next?" Just when I was unable to do anything, I couldn��t make up my mind. The roadside Dicos has attracted my attention. For a moment, my stomach seems to be asking me to go in too: "Hey..."t I dare not spend any more mone